Vegan Cafe Review – InSpiral in Camden, London

Last week i was in Camden as i normally am at least twice a week, and i decided to go into InSpiral Cafe, which is a vegan eco Cafe, bar and music venue. I love going to this cafe. I got there around 5pm and it was pretty full. Buzzing with the vegan conscious Camden crowd. It sits right along Camden Lock with a lovely view of the lock and the surrounding markets.

I was going to have one of their yummy Hemp seed Latte’s but then spotted their Mango Lassi. I just couldn’t resist one of those. I’ve had them before and they are delicious. I also couldn’t resist a round coconut ball. A bit on the dry side, but I love coconut. So you can’t go too wrong there.

They have a great selection of Vegan ice cream, made from cashew nuts. They also do an amazing selection of raw salads and much much more. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Camden.

The lady behind the counter who served me, with the teased up blond hair was really helpful and friendly.

I can’t wait to go back there again.

InSpiral is at 250 Camden High St, London,

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